Welcome to SeagrassSoundings Blog

Welcome to SeagrassSoundings Blog

SeagrassSoundings focuses on the work that scientists and managers are doing to protect, preserve, study, restore and monitor seagrass in Massachusetts and throughout New England.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Conservation Moorings Installed in Provincetown Harbor

The Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies took a look at the new conservation moorings that were installed in Provincetown Harbor, a project overseen by the Massachusetts Bays Program. Seven traditional moorings were replaced with conservation moorings in early October. On November 9, videos were taken of six of these moorings as well as one traditional mooring located in the same area. The PCCS Disentanglement Program generously donated the use of their rescue vessel, staff time, and underwater video camera to get this work done. The following video clips show some of the footage captured.

This video clip shows one of the new anchors and Hazelett moorings. A discernible scar, left from the previous mooring, is obvious around the anchor.

One of the moorings was installed in a shallower area. The eelgrass around this mooring was much denser with no obvious scar left from the previous mooring.

This final video clip shows footage taken of a traditional mooring in the same area as the new conservation moorings were installed. The mooring chain can clearly be seen on the bottom within a well-defined mooring scar.